Randy Mire, Pharm.D

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Randy J. Mire, Pharm.D is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southern Crop. Since opening his first pharmacy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Randy has had a singular focus to give patients the highest pharmaceutical care possible.

“I love educating patients on all the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. I also love overseeing the entire business on a personal level. Interacting with, and seeing my employees and patients have success, is one of the reasons I am so proud to be on the cutting edge of medical marijuana.” He stated, “Being on the cutting edge of medication like this and being able to offer it to local patients is something I am really excited about. As a pharmacist, I founded the first licensed medical marijuana pharmacy in Louisiana. I was also the first to dispense medical marijuana in the South in 2019. I take great pride in helping patients find relief with this natural, holistic treatment.“

Dr. Mire is working hard to propel Southern Crop forward in the Mississippi medical cannabis industry with the ultimate goal of soon being able to provide for all patients in need.

Jason Kern

Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Rob Naudin

Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

Kathleen Salmon

Chief Compliance Officer

Alex DeBardeleben

Chief Financial Officer

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