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We’re proud to bring top of the line equipment and hand-picked team members to the great state of Mississippi to create the products dispensaries and patients trust.

Whether you prefer flower, prerolls, vapes, gelcaps or gummies, Southern Crop creates the safest, purest and most effective marijuana products on the market.

Our Brands

Produced in the only GMP-Grade Medical Cannabis facility in Mississipi.

Whether you’re a new or experienced user, Beyond has something for everyone. It is pharmaceutically accurate, precisely dosed, and offers the best consistency in an edible experience. Beyond has applications for pain management as well as daily life management through incorporating CBD and THC. With ratios that include 1:4, 4:1, 1:1, pure full spectrum oil for those who seek the extra cannabinoids, to pure THC distillate to provide a wholesome head high. Beyond aligns with your lifestyle, whether you want to medicate in the morning, midday, or wind down at night. Gelcaps, gummies, and (future) tinctures offer the predictable experience you seek.

Great quality, great tasting flower for great value. With strain differentiation that appeals to everyone from Sativa chasers to those who prefer to socialize with friends in the evening and enjoy a relaxing Indica nightcap that delivers a satisfying head and body high. With robust THC percentages and a wide range of terpene profiles across different strains, Soar is an all inclusive lifestyle facing brand from pure medicinal to dealing with what life throws at you daily. Soar offers great tasting botanical vapes perfect for new users, or experienced users who seek something different. Our preroll offering includes 1g split into 2 .5g prerolls for just the right dose.

The brand for connoisseurs, Fligh offers an elevated vape experience formulated with cannabis derived terpenes for an enhanced experience and the best head high possible. With the maximum state-allowed THC threshold, Fligh provides the pure THC high that you expect from a vape. The strain specificity ensures that the profile is closely aligned with smoking flower, both in taste as well as effects. From vapes to prerolls to edibles, Fligh brand offers higher doses to give patients the highest THC available.

SoCrop was inspired by the high-end flower connoisseurs of Mississippi. Through tissue culture cultivation for precise genetics, the brand targets the best strains of flower for sought-after THC percentages, and the terpene profiles best applied for experienced users searching for an optimal high. The high THC paired with high terpene profiles including Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, optimize the entourage effect. Popular OG craft boutique strains are exclusively housed at Southern Crop for a truly premium offering at great value. Available in flower and preroll 1.4g 2-packs.

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Southern Crop is a licensed Cannabis Cultivator and Processor in Mississippi, based in Meridian. We are a GMP-certified facility providing our customers with the highest quality medical cannabis flower, vapes, prerolls, and edibles. We offer marijuana education on our website and through community partnerships.

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