First Company To Receive Licensing For Cultivation And Processing Of Medical Marijuana In Mississippi 

MERIDIAN, MS – The Mississippi Department of Health has authorized its first licensing for cultivation and processing in the state of Mississippi to Southern Crop. This is the first step in production for Southern Crop, a subsidiary of The Holding Company, and the first step for the Mississippi cannabis industry. This brand house, hailing out of Meridian, Mississippi, has been on the forefront of the Mississippi medical marijuana movement since the legalization of the plant back in December of 2020.

The authorization that Southern Crop has obtained allows the brand house to legally grow and harvest medical marijuana, and then process, manufacture, and sell the product to authorized mMedical Mmarijuana dispensaries in Mississippi. Southern Crop, being the first to obtain this licensure, propels the company forward and gives them all the tools needed to supply the medical marijuana patients of Mississippi with quality cannabis products. 

When asked about the recent licensure, the CEO and Founder of Southern Crop, Randy J Mire, Pharm.D said, “We’re honored to be the first to receive our Cultivation and Processing License in Mississippi. This dream started in Louisiana by dispensing the first medical marijuana recommendation in the Deep South.” 

About Southern Crop:  Southern Crop is the brand house for Mississippi cCannabis cultivation and processing. With a mission to bring the medicinal properties of cannabis to Mississippi clientspatients, their team of expert cultivators grow quality products with care and respect to deliver only the best Mississippi medical marijuana.