Mississippi’s First Cannabis Cultivation Site, Southern Crop, to Operate in Meridian

Southern Crop facility

The state’s first cultivation site is set to begin full operations in October 2022. CEO of Southern Crop, Dr. Randy Mire says Meridian’s business community is what sold him on the location.

“I will tell you, the business community in Meridian is absolutely amazing. The mayor’s office, all of the business community, all of the leadership in the community, the other businesses that thrive in that area have welcomed us with open arms”, stated Dr. Mire.

LeafSheets is an expert company that helps cultivation sites begin operations. Founder, Juliana Whitney, gave Twin States News more insight into the cultivation industry.

“A lot of times people think that starting cultivation or production, because the product is the desired product by medical patients in this case, that it just flies off the shelves”, stated Whitney. “Inevitably, it turns out that’s not the case, that you do actually have to put a lot of thought into the quality of the product, the branding, the consistency. Patients, in this case, are going to want to know what products they’re looking for, and what products they can trust.”

Dr. Mire believes that educating patients who intend to use the product will be vital and will also be the reason for the company’s success.

“I will be having pharmacists on our team that are going to stand with patients and be in dispensaries to educate them. We are going to have several educators on our team so that when a patient walks in the door, they know that someone is going to be there to help navigate them through this process”, explained Dr. Mire.

Mire says that medical cannabis will be treated as any other medication. He even hopes that it could act as a substitute for other medicines.

“We enjoy helping patients from children with autism to patients with cancer, to the patients that have been on opioids for a long time that really are looking for other options”, stated Randy. “We have seen such benefits in those areas and as a pharmacist and really being able to educate patients on the medical benefits has been amazing. So, to have the first license in Mississippi, I am so proud of that, and we are excited to do so much for the patients of Mississippi.”

The company expects to release the product to the public in December 2022.