How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi

Here at Southern Crop, we want to educate our customers and the community on all things Medical Cannabis related. The first step in being able to purchase Medical Cannabis is by obtaining a Medical Marijuana (MMJ) card. The steps to obtain a card are set by the Mississippi Department of Health and are listed below:  

Step One: Identify the health condition that qualifies for an MMJ Card and schedule an appointment with your health care provider.  

The only way to obtain an MMJ card is to have a health condition that qualifies for it. The health conditions that qualify are:   

  • Cancer  
  • Parkinson’s Disease  
  • Huntington’s Disease  
  • Muscular Dystrophy  
  • Glaucoma  
  • Spastic Quadriplegia   
  • HIV/AIDS  
  • Hepatitis   
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)  
  • Crohn’s Disease  
  • Ulcerative Colitis  
  • Sickle-Cell Anemia   
  • Alzheimer’s Disease  
  • Dementia   
  • PTSD  
  • Autism  
  • Diabetes  
  • Spinal cord disease or severe injury  
  • Health conditions that produce   
  • Cachexia  
  • Severe nausea  
  • Seizures   
  • Severe Muscle Spasms  

Step Two: Visit your health care provider  

Once the health condition is identified, your health care provider will complete the necessary certification for the MMJ card.   

Step Three: Send in your application for the Medical Cannabis Program   

Once your health care provider provides you with the Medical Cannabis certification, you must submit your own application. This must be done within 60 days of receiving the certificate from your health care provider   

Step Four: Receive Electronic Identification Card   

You will receive your Electronic Identification Card,  which will have a valid duration of a maximum of one year.   

Step Five: Select Your Dispensary  

Once you receive your Electronic Identification Card, you will then select your licensed dispensary to purchase your medical cannabis. Southern Crop is working to provide the best and highest quality medical cannabis in Mississippi and we highly encourage you to purchase our medical cannabis where available. We will constantly keep our website updated on where you can purchase our products.